Cashflow Problems – Late Payers (or Not At All)

Increasingly small business owners are struggling to manage their cashflow because of late payers and sadly many not paying at all.

If you are a small business owner you are one of the 96% of business owners in Australia that falls into this category. At some point or another a small business owner has problems getting payment for their goods or services.

For example if you have a customer that owes a small amount (anything up to $1000) it becomes too costly to keep chasing that customer for your money or to get a debt collector. You end up writing the the money off at great expense to your cashflow. Small amounts of outstanding invoices add up and put extreme stress on business. There is little that can be done.

The culprits for not paying invoices is business and individuals alike. We seem to have a culture of people who think they do not have to pay their invoices. The stress on small business is massive and is to the detriment of our communities as a whole.

When cashflow dries up staff get laid off, your business struggles to pay bills and it all flows into your personal life. The emotional cost is massive as well for everybody.

There is a very simple 2 step process to stop this problem in its tracks and minimise your cashflow problems and take away the stress:

  1. Join the website¬†Hasn’ These guys make it faster and easier for small business to get the money owing to them. It is really inexpensive particularly if you have many outstanding invoices and the results are amazing.
  2. Get a short term unsecured cashflow finance: The days are gone where business finance was difficult, expensive and stressful to obtain. The marketplace for business lending has opened up to support small business in Australia like never before. This type of finance is magic for keeping your business afloat whilst you await payment for your invoices. The alternative of not having money coming in the door is so much more stressful and worse still having to close your doors through no fault of your own!