Could This be You? Is Business Money What You Need?

Are you struggling with money in some form within your business? Need money to take advantage of a business opportunity? Want to build your business but your cash flow is tied up. Take a look at these recently settled busines loan deals. For assistance on your business loan needs call Katherine Quirke from One Stop Loans Store: 1300 125 226 (

Business Type:Medical Practice 
Loan Amount:$40,000
Requirement:Business had an immediate requirement for funds to buy equipment from an overseas vendor. The customer explored options including raising a deposit and lease approval for escrow facility. These options would take weeks to establish.
Solution: Provide the funds within days and the customer purchased their much-needed medical equipment immediately.
Business Type:Restaurant 

Loan Amount:$75,000
Requirement:Business had an immediate requirement to refurbish existing restaurant. Client wasn’t asset-backed and had been trading for years. They were seeking funds to expand and were unable to lay out $75K for the refurbishment.
Solution:The cllient received access to funds within 72 hours and customer was able to start the fit-out immediately.
Business Type:Fencing Supplier and Contractor 

Loan Amount:$75,000
Requirement:Customer seeking funds to assist with the start of a new contract.
Solution: Lenders fast turnaround gave client access to funds within 48 hours an enabled customer to purchase materials and new equipment.
$1,600,000.00 Residential Development Site Purchase
Client wished to purchase a residential development site in a company name. The client required the loan urgently as they had a settlement date that couldn’t be extended and the major bank assisting them with the purchase wasn’t going to be in a position to settle in a 48 hour period. The lender lent the client the funds to finalise the transaction via first mortgage over the property being purchased and caveats over other investment properties. This allowed client breathing space to refinance with major bank.
$450,000.00 For Business Purchase
Client required a loan to buy into a business they had made an offer on. Clients struck a great deal with the vendor provided they could settle in 48 hours. The lender lent the client the money secured by mortgages over their investment properties and a charge over the company being purchased. Loan was settled within the time frame required. The sale of securities would pay out the loan.
$6,000,000.00 @ 70% LVR
Refinance a company with a portfolio of residential properties valued at $8.5m. Client was in arrears with their current mortgagee and where about to be placed into administration. Lender was able to refinance their current facility and arrears of $6m which allows the company to sell the properties at market price.