How to Prepare for a Personal Loan

If you are looking to get a personal loan this short checklist will help you get your loan faster.

tick2Each of these requirements are the basic requirements for most lenders. There may be occasions where the lender will ask for additional documentation. Lenders will require you to be an Australian resident as a minimum. If you are obtaining your income from Centrelink payments you will be required to have a co-borrower (joint borrower) in most instances.

Generally speaking you should have been working in full time employment (self employed or PAYG) for 3 months.

If you are casual or part time you should have been working consistently in the same industry (but in most instances not necessarily with the same employer for 12 months)

  1. ID. Colour copy of your drivers licence or authorised ID card or passport + colour copy of your medicare card
  2. Copies of your last 3 months personal bank statements
  3. If you are self employed the last 3 business bank statements
  4. If you work for somebody (PAYG) your last 3 payslips

There are a range of options for obtaining personal loans including options for those who have defaults on their credit file.

To apply for a personal loan go to: